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Design Center Process

Congratulations! You've chosen the perfect FrontDoor home. What's next?

Design Process

Choosing your perfect home is half the fun! Designing your interiors can be the most exciting, creative aspect of home buying. Our FrontDoor design team partners with you throughout the decision-making process to personalize your new home*.

After finalizing your purchase agreement, FrontDoor Communities will contact you to schedule your initial design appointment with a professional interior designer. We encourage you to gather samples and photos of your home décor preferences, including colors and furniture styles. This helps our designer understand your personal taste and lifestyle.

*Please refer to your new home contract for details on our design center process.


Preferred Lenders

There are many advantages to financing your new home with a FrontDoor preferred lender.

- 1 -

We have secured prefered lenders to ensure that they provide competitive interest rates, sound mortgage counselling and a wide array of loan programs to meet your specific financial needs.

- 2 -

Preferred lenders have a proven track record of on-time closings, allowing you  to move into your new home on schedule.

- 3 -

Preferred lenders are in frequent contact with our New Home Sales Professionals to keep you updated throughout the home buying experience and to guarantee outsstanding customer service.

- 4 -

Preferred lenders' extensive knowledge of your community, amenity packages and home features facilitates an accurate, seamless appraisal process.

FrontDoor Communities understands that choosing the right lender is an important decision. We're confident that our preferred lenders* can offer competitive mortgage financing options and provide an easy, on-time closing for your new home.

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